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[Mod request] intermediary upgrades: Scuba tank, rain boots, Fireman clothes...

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I would like a mod that adds intermediary upgrades to the dupes before the atmo suits.
I just feel that most of these "problems" have a MUCH simpler solution than making a complete atmo suit, that's kind of overkill, at least in the early game.

Here are my examples:

  • Scuba tank - it is a breathing apparatus, connected to a oxygen canister (from a canister filler supplied with oxygen), it lets the dupe breath much longer
    (eg: normal dupe, oxygen consumption: -100 g/s, Oxygen canister: 10 000 g, formula: (10 000/100 = 100 s) / 60 = 1.67 (irl) minutes extra air in addition to the dupes "hold breath" time) (divers lung & such change the end result)
  • Rain Boots - Prevents soggy feet (but not Sopping Wet), since the boots are waterproof rubber & knee high.
  • Fireman clothes - Makes a dupe heat up much slower & increases their heat tolerance a lot (at least double) (I don't know any good formula for this though, suggestions are welcome).
  • Arctic clothes - same as Fireman clothes, but against cold instead of heat.
  • Face mask (v1) / Hazmat suit (v2) - Face mask significantly reduces all "inhalation bases" diseases (allergic reaction, slimelung, zombie spores)(NOT food poisoning), Hazmat suit is an upgrade to the face mask (replacing it), it completely prevents all "inhalation bases" diseases (might require an oxygen canister like the scuba tank, possibly with the same benefits).

I don't know how hard it would be to make a dupe wear multiple combinations of clothes (like a snazzy suit + Face Mask) but if that is too hard, then it is ok to let these upgrade use the "snazzy suit" item slot on the dupes.

If you know of a mod that already does (some of) these things, please tell me, thank you!


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