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[Visual Option] Bridge Direction align with real-world traffics

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I would like to have an togglable option in the settings to reverse the direction of pipe/gas bridges and here is why.


I often misplace my bridge and I realize it has something to do with how I view maps in real life.

The current bridges looks to match the Left-Hand-Traffic (LHT) system on the map

(see LHT image for example)



Add an visual option into the settings to allow us to switch reverse the bridge arrows to match the Right-Hand-Traffic (RHT) which is used in majority of number of countries around the world. 

(see attachment - "RHT bridge concept")



[Copyright Claim]

(1) LHT image - https://rlist.io/l/travellers-driving-in-asia-countries-practising-le 

(2) RHT image - https://www.google.ca/maps/@49.1768918,-123.0502238,15z/data=!5m1!1e1


RHT bridge concept.PNG

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