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I think this matter needs some legal gesture.

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I love this game. and i’m really disappointed to dev.

we’ve been say a lot of words. even some matters have been occurred for years. but you don’t care. if they care, they would make some statements at least. but i don’t think they did.

anyone who plays this pocket edition is legally buy this game. and they have right to take service. if we buy something and there is problems, someone sell it has responsibilities for their goods. i think this logic is pretty common and basic matter of law.

and you have been breaking this simple principle for years.

we have reported some matters (boss spawn matter, save file braking, mods, DLC.. etc.) among them, some include critical problems.

 i don’t think you don’t know about this matter. cause we are small group? or not profitable?

both reasons can’t be an answer. 

I really want dev team to make your statement. or fix this problems ASAP. 

I’m really sick of reading 4 years outdated notice. 

I really don’t want to mess with you. but there is no other option to have your attention.

or I have to find what I can do. don’t make me do this.

plz, plz. listen to our voice. answer us who really love this game.

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