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Newbiespud's Modding Streams

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Feels weird advertising this sort of thing, but people seemed interested and to find it a little helpful, so why not?

On occasion I'll livestream my attempts to mod Griftlands on my Twitch, showing off scripting and testing and fixing my own bugs and interacting with people in chat, and later archive those streams on my YouTube. I'll keep this thread updated if I'm planning any upcoming streams or post a new archive. They won't be super in-depth explaining things unless I'm fielding questions from chat or something; just showing the middle of the process and the problem-solving. The general plan is to have a small concrete goal or project for each session, but bugs will inevitably come up and have to be solved too.

Current Archives

Stream #1 (9/22/20) - Cards for Playable Arint
Stream #2 (10/10/20) - Negotiation AI Behavior for Rook
Stream #3 (11/18/20) - Sidequests for Arint
Stream #4 (11/26/20) - More Sidequests for Arint
Stream #5 (2/20/21) - Event Quests for Arint
Stream #6 (3/30/21 - Negotiation Cards Rework

Scheduled Upcoming Livestreams

None Currently Planned

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Archive for the third modding stream is now up on YouTube! Managed to at least get the functionality from beginning to end of an entire quest. They're a lot more involved than cards and AI behavior, lemme tell you.

I don't know when I'll do another one of these yet. I try to have a clear goal every time I do these, but for now I've just got a lot more quest writing to do, and that stream made it obvious that there's a lot more typing and a lot less payoff trying to stream that. So we'll see! Might be a while before the next one.

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I did another impromptu stream last night, because I wasn't very satisfied with how the previous quest-building stream went. So I did another, with significantly more preparation and planning! I thought it went pretty well, and I got a couple more sidequests for my Arint mod just about finished live.

Here it is on YouTube!


(Figured I'd also spruce up the thread a bit by including the YouTube thumbnails I've been making.)

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