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Another request for ARM support.

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Yes, I have seen previous discussion on ARM support for the dedicated servers. But they are fairly old by now, the easiest topic to be found being over 5 years old. ARM devices are getting faster and more RAM is being allocated to them all the time now. I have several RPi 4 8GB models running at 2.1 GHz right now with various publicly accessible loads on them. one of them is a modded minecraft server with regular traffic and it runs like a dream with 5-10 users at a time. 

That said, is there any potential for an ARM complied version of the dedicated server that I might be able to run on an 8GB 2.1GHz quad core ARM RPi 4? how about when there are consumer available ARM chips that run at 4GHz? ARM is only growing in popularity and It's use in server space is already significant.

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