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Friendship ended with DST, now Hot Lava is my best friend!

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(Actually stopped playing DST like a year ago but shhhh)

I hadn't gotten around to playing Hot Lava until very recently, mostly due to hardware limitations. But recently I decided to give it a go and I have got to say that I had a lot of fun. I wasn't sure what to expect going into the game, as Klei has never made a first person, 3D game before, but I was pleasantly surprised with the subtle movement mechanics. I was initially shocked by the fact that there was a bunnyhopping (& strafe) meter which blew me away. Hot Lava has to be the first game I have ever played which completely embraces bhopping as a movement mechanic. And because the bhopping mechanic was formed a part of the game, it is robust and not rng-dependant. Flying through courses with good hops reminded me of Half-Life speedruns and CS:S movement mechanics. The way the game "feels" (I'm not sure how to describe this) floaty yet grounded at the same time. The movement just, feels great. I had a blast playing this recently by just jumping around, trying to do tricks and stuff. The "grab & jump" mechanics on the bars, ropes, sticky walls, etc. mesh very well with the gameplay, though they slow you down a bit if you don't jump off instantly. The ramp sliding in the game feels great too. Definitely different mechanically from surf in a game like Counter-Strike, but the feel is similar and it feels very fluid. 

TL;DR: Hot Lava has some of the best-feeling movement I have ever experienced in a game.

Here is a quick clip of a cool jump I found:

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