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genetic resarch idea part 2 mutantion

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As i said in in part 1 you can clone fusion and morph criters but now ı will add fail change to these activitys. If fusioning or morphing goes wrong, litle lovely peasfull criters will be sick(doesnot produse anything and can be spread) or worse.If criters become sick they need to be cured. new critter clinic is what it is for. will cure any disiese criters have. in the worse part criters might be turn into mutanted beasts. these mutants will atack like morbs but can produse eggs. Eggs will hacth into mutant babys.dont worry mutantion can be reversed if it been less then 10 cycles. DNA reverser like in its name reverses any genetic transformation (yes ı said fusion was unreversable changing it).mutanted hatchs will be 6 leged and way too many toothed hostile creaters. slicters will have 6 spider-like legs and multiple  eyes. shine bugs will have mosquito tooth and longer body. 

ıf you have any other mutant ideas or suggestions please write to comments

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