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QoL Suggestions for Xbox (and PS4)

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1. Keyboard and Mouse Support

I know I can just get the game on steam for K+M but my best friend plays Xbox and doesn't have a computer capable to game with so it's the only way I can play with her. Plus, it being primarily a PVE game should mean things won't be affected too much to implement it.

I've been watching streamers and youtubers for Don't Starve Together a lot recently and I've realized how much easier movement and actions are with K+M. Attacking and kiting is so much more efficient with the K+M where as using a controller it can be a bit of a hassle since long range weapons are ineffective, basically don't allow you to target a player unless you are close enough to activate "[X] attack" command. Other times kiting you get turned around  and go to attack and the "[x] attack" isn't in range anymore, so you have to reset the fight. Going through inventory and making items is more efficient because you don't have to scroll through it with finicky thumbsticks. Please consider this, it would be so beneficial.

2. Toggle option to see Health, Sanity, and Hunger as numbers

We are able to hit right trigger to see our number values, but in the heat of a battle you can't do that. I know some people don't mind not seeing their number values, which is why a toggle option in settings would be ideal so everyone can play the way they prefer. Being able to see Health, Sanity, and Hunger in numbers would be helpful because I can't gauge how much food/healing I need without knowing the values of what I'm getting. It's incredibly tedious having to guess what I'll need all the time while trying to manage other things at the same time.

Thank  you for your time and consideration!

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