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Cookbook and Crock Pot

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Maybe will be better that when you put ingredients in Crock Pot you will see what it will be if you do it before. 

For example you already do meatballs from 1 morsel and 3 berries.

When you put in Crock Pot 1 morsel and 3 berries you will see that it will be Meatballs because you do it before and wrote it in your Cookbook. But if you put 1 monster meat and 3 berries it`s don`t show Meatballs because you don`t know yet what will be.

Newbie doesn`t know all recipes and can make wet goop. So if he put in Crock Pot same ingredients Crock Pot show that will be wet goop and maybe newbie start thinking what he done wrong.

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