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Slanty Shanties on RoG and SW


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I'm having some questions about things I did in one of my savegames. I have a Hamlet-compatible savegame with a RoG, SW and HAM worlds linked together. I have been able to carry pre-crafted structures from one world to another that wouldn't be possible otherwise, and I'm pretty certain this is due to the Base Plan Enhanced mod. I can even craft structures and items from another world in a world where that shouldn't be allowed.

For example, recently I crafted Slanty Shanties in Hamlet and brought one to my RoG world and another to my SW world. Since then I've noticed something a bit odd happens to the map icons every Full Moon: icons of things appear on the map that aren't there, like Mushrooms. I go to the location and as expected there's nothing there. Elephant Cactus icons also appear on the map, even though they aren't on that location. But I have to say I find this more of a curiosity than an annoyance, and I can get rid of it by simply exiting the game and loading the savegame again, and everything is back to normal.

But it's not really because of that I came here, but because of the Slanties themselves. I crafted and placed them on RoG and SW to have a safe place to go whenever I wanted, away from Hound/Crocodog/Bat waves, environmental dangers and seasonal bosses, since the Slanties have that function on Hamlet (with the exception of Hay Fever, I believe). But I was on RoG inside the Slanty I built there making some changes, and suddenly I heard the growls that precede a Hound wave. Suffice it to say, I followed my instinct, got out of the house and went to the Tooth Trap field near my base. 

The Hounds were dispatched without trouble, but that kept wondering me what would have happened if I had stayed inside the Slanty? Would the Hounds have spawned inside? Would they have spwned outside? Would the game crash?

I'd be thankful if someone could help me with an answer.


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On 8/20/2020 at 10:32 AM, Evan7 said:


1. Pre-crafted items can be taken to other worlds and placed. This includes the shanty even without the Key to the City. There was a Quality of Life update last year when Hamlet was released that enabled cross world crafting of some structures. Once you learn a recipe from a specific DLC, you'll be able to craft it again anywhere. What other craftable structures are you referring to? Your mod may enable you to craft more than you would normally be allowed to. Disable it next time you start your save and see what happens. (Backup your save first lol)

2. The random cactus on the map bug is known. Probably won't see a fix.

3. Hounds will continue to howl until you leave the shanty, then they will spawn. You can return to the shanty, but they will stay outside until you leave again. You might as well just deal with them like you did.

1. Well, I didn't know this was possible without a mod. There's one other structure I use very often: the Obsidian Fire Pit from SW. I have more of them on RoG than on SW. They're the best!

2. Good to know it's not a bug unique to me.

3. So I'll just do what I did at the time. I rarely using the Shanty on RoG as a shelter, it's mostly as a storage space.

Thanks for the answers!

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