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Problems with textures . Item for the DST character

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I started creating an item for the character . It is based on an item from another mod . I only replaced the tex texture and didn't touch the bin files ...

The picture below shows that my item itself is only visible at the base of the old one and the base of the old item has turned white . All image pixels (image size) in tex were observed and match the original . What should I do to make everything visible normally ?

Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.09 -

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The issue is you need to convert the file into a format you can edit.  Right now those files are all converted in weird ways, that the game can understand.  Check out this page:  


I learned how to extract the files, convert them back into the animation file, pictures, etc., and from there edit it however I wanted.  You don't need to rename the image files though, just the animation and build file if I remember correctly.

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