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Add Steam Achievement for breeding a Radiant Bug and buff them please

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Just copypasting my post from Steam forums:
Add Steam Achievement for breeding a Radiant Bug and buff them please
That is quite a challenge, especially the part where you need to melt phosphorite, cool it back to get phosphorus and serve it as a food. Thus, I think it deserves a trophy :)

As for radiant bugs themselves - I'm pretty dissapointed with them, +200 decor seems cool but its hard to implement it due to the following reasons:
- the livable temperature range is -19 - +49C (can't live in industrial zone or in cosmic station, where they are the most needed)
- if not fed with diamonds or barbecue, will die without laying an egg (the feeding system must be implemented, which requires a lot of additional space - in most cases it can't be provided, or even if it is, the better choice is just to build statues using that space)
- light emission is 1800 lux - same as for casual shine bugs (no profit in breeding them for energy output)

In conclusion, I suggest to provide the following buffs to radiant bugs to make them more rewarding:
- increase livable temperature range
- increase base reproduction rate
- increase light emission power
- increase light emission radius

Thanks for the reading :)
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