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Regarding Music Modding, how do I loop music with one-shot intros using FMOD Designer?

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I am writing this topic to ask if there is a way to properly loop music with one-shot intros using FMOD Designer, as I have been unsuccessful at finding a proper way so far. For reference, music with one-shot intros refer to tracks such as Donkey Kong Country's "Gangplank Galleon", Undertale's "Finale", and Fire Emblem: Three Houses' "God Shattering Star". To my knowledge, no tracks in Don't Starve Together have one-shot intros.

Regarding my progress, so far I've created a Simple Event that is supposed to function as a playlist with 2 tracks, one being the intro, and the other being the main part of the audio that will be looped (Successive Loop, Sequential Playlist Behavior). However, there seems to be no option for looping individual tracks. To make matters worse for me, I am unable to add the same track more than once in a playlist as a quick solution. I really do not want to resort to manually looping tracks for half an hour, so I'm curious if there is any way to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

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