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Buff crab king loot, trident

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I think ppl who’ve fought crab king can agree that the loot it drop doesn’t match it’s difficulty. 
Trident only deals dark sword dmg and has some useless spell, most of all, it’s expensive af to make a single trident.

Here’s my suggestion. Adjust it spell that make it able to cast on land and able to cause entity wet. Also make it’s dmg higher than dark sword in the sea, or it’s just much more expensive version of dark sword 

Second, add new helmet which can be dropped by crab king. The new helmet can match carb king feature, like making it able to be socketed by gem, and different gem can apply different effect. For example, red gem for extra health buff, blue for freeze effect, etc.

Last, that lunar statue dropped after pearl crab king is useless, plz add new tab from it. 

Hope u can make an update as great as new reign, fresh new boss fresh new armor, not just some boss not even worth fighting 

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