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Modern method to character only items

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While developing my character I realized I need to make other characters not be able to pick up my character's custom items. I found Ultroman's tutorial on the tutorial collection page, where they say to paste the code at the bottom of the item's fn() function. Doing this seems to partially work, triggering the characters talker quote for not being able to pick up, but even on the correct character, and it seems that no matter what, all characters are able to pick up the restricted item.

How can I solve this? (Of course I pasted my character's prefab where it says to in my code, this is just the snippet from the tutorial.)

local oldOnPickup = inst.components.inventoryitem.OnPickup
inst.components.inventoryitem.OnPickup = function(self, pickupguy)
	if pickupguy.prefab == "YOUR_CHARACTER_PREFAB_NAME" then
		if not self.inst.itemowner then
			self.inst.itemowner = pickupguy
		if pickupguy == self.inst.itemowner then
			oldOnPickup(self, pickupguy)
		elseif pickupguy.components.talker then
			pickupguy.components.talker:Say("That item is not mine.")
	elseif pickupguy.components.talker then
		pickupguy.components.talker:Say("I cannot wield that.")


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