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Recommendations for online mode

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BlueJIN    3

Dear Klei


  As a player with up to 110 hours of gameplay, I am bored with the pure linear model of the current fraud site.I have recently been active in a QQ group built by Chinese players. After a lot of feedback from players, I think we may be able to expect the official production team to design an online mode.The following is a classification recommendation based on the design difficulty of the code and mechanism:

    1.In the existing game mechanism, set up a story online mode. Three players play three game roles, each of which focuses on or is responsible for different tasks in the game. For example, Luke’s main task is to fight. In addition to the direction of cooperation, referring to the score mechanism of the daily task, the three players can slightly confront or entrap each other to improve their own score. Or get better rewards in random events. There are mainly two online modes at this level. Difficulty: a. How to use LAN or steam server to connect. b. Plot settings for online mode.

    2.On the basis of 1, add more fierce confrontation, which is more in line with the kernel of the name Griftlands. The difficulty of this mechanism is to set up a reasonable PVP deck.

    3.Introducing the board game mechanism, you can refer to the existing games on the market as well as DND and COC. The advantage of Griftlands is that there is already a complete story. The difficulty is still that the programmer will be bald


Although I have said so much, it is just a fantasy between me and the players on QQ. If the cost is too large, please be a joke. But in case it is feasible, as players, we really hope that The Griftlands in the test gets better and better.I also wish all klei employees good health.


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