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[Solved] Stucked in custom skin creation

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I'm a newest member of the "I-might-have-screwed-up-something" club:

I've followed this tutorial by Hornete, but I've probably mistaken something: 


Somehow I've stucked in the world generation phase and I get the attached error. Since it's not a crash, I don't really know what should I do about it at the moment.

I've attached the whole character file below.


Could you guys help me about it? :(

Thanks in advance!




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When you're developing your mod on a server like this, you need to find the server log, since that's where the error will be written. To find that, if you're on Windows, use this path


from there, go into the numbered folder, and find the world you're testing in. Head into the Master folder, and find server_log.txt

Open that up and that's your log to look at for errors. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you can find line numbers and errors like you need to debug.

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Okay, progress has been done: I've had to remove this part from my character.none file:



local assets =
    Asset( "ANIM", "anim/spinel.zip" ),
    Asset( "ANIM", "anim/ghost_spinel_build.zip" ),

local skins =
    normal_skin = "spinel",
    ghost_skin = "ghost_spinel_build",

return CreatePrefabSkin("spinel_none",
    base_prefab = "spinel",
    type = "base",
    assets = assets,
    skins = skins, 
    skin_tags = {"SPINEL", "CHARACTER", "BASE"},
    build_name_override = "spinel",
    rarity = "Character",


Now the world loads in well, the custom skin is chooseable, but I can't pick my original skin. :cower:

Here's my current character file:




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