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Looking for friends

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Hi! I'm looking for friends I can play with DST (PS4). I want to make a new unstoppable team from teenagers, any gender. I'm going to be with Winona to ensure the protection of the base. It's a plus if you and your friend want to join us as Webbers. I wondered about the character combos and I thought about every single ones strenght and weakness. 

The team should inculde:

- a magician (Wicker or Maxwell) 

- two Webbers

- a fighter (Wigfrid or Wolfgang) 

- A Woodie

- Wendy 

- Winona (me) 

- but mostly a character you love to play with

If you want to join comment your PS4 username and which character whould you like to be with. I really want to be a part of a cohesive team with a great sense of humor. 

+ points if you have mic and you're okay w the european time


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