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Custom inspecting dialogue

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Just learned how to spawn in a dummy version of my character >>c_spawn("Character'sName")<<, and noticed all the inspection dialogue is wrong.
Warly says "Bonjour, MISSING NAME!" which is his Generic dialogue for Wilson..  "Bonjour, %s!".
I'm not sure why he's using Wilson's dialogue, but I did code the inspection dialogue into the character's file.

STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.FURRYESKIMO =   --How others will respond to inspecting this character. (Doesn't seem to be working.)
        GENERIC = "What a good looking boy.",
        ATTACKER = "Bad Dog!",
        MURDERER = "How embarrassing..",
        REVIVER = "Good boy!",
        GHOST = "It felt like something brushed past my leg..",

Shouldn't they know my player's name, and use the correct dialogue response?

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