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[DS Mod Request] DST-style Maxwell

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Ever since I've unlocked and started playing as Maxwell in DS, I couldn't help but compare him to his DST version. And in my honest opinion, DST Maxwell is more fun to play as for a multitude of reasons :

1. Lower sanity regen (6.67sanity per minute in DST compared to his 20 sinty per minunte in DS)
It may sound surprising at first, but his sanity regen is more of a downside than of an upside, due to a high demand for nightmare fuel if one wants to use Codex Umbra a lot.

2. Differences in using Codex umbra
Codex Umbra deals 15 damage as well as consumes 55 maximum sanity and 2 nightmare fuel in order to summon a shadow in DS, where as in DST it acts like a portable crafting station, and requires 2 nightmare fuel, a tool related to the task a shadow will carry out (axe for a logger, spear for a duelist, etc.) and 20%(for logger, miner, and digger) or 35%(for duelist) maximum sanity (in both DS and DST maximum sanity is returned when the shadow dies, or when it is dismissed) to summon or rather "craft" a shadow. I suppose that getting damaged thing in DS is for balance purposes, but it just screws Maxwell up in the early days, when the help of the shadows is much appreciated.

3. Better Shadows
In DS the shadows will assist Maxwell with most chores he does, such as chopping, mining, and fighting, however, they won't do anything on their own unless of course one manages to cancel the action just before it started, but that seems kinda tedious (to me at least). In DST they carry out specific tasks with which they're assigned when they're created, moreover every shadow besides the duelist does its action automatically so long as the object on which their action will be performed is close by and the shadows themselces haven't strayed too far away from Maxwell. Additionally, in DST the shadows last until they are killed/dismissed(the shadow is dismissed when Maxwell hits it, this also kills the shadow in one hit, regardless of the damage of the weapon used, additionally when the shadow is dismissed it also drops 1 nightmare fuel), where as in DS the shadows not only die automatically after 2.5 days after their initial summon, they also don't drop anything when dismissed.

4. More balanced starting equipment
In DST Maxwell starts with Codex Umbra and 6 nightmare fuel, which in my opinion is more balanced than Maxwell starting with Codex Umbra, 4 ightmare fuel, night armor, dark sword and a purple gem in DS.
for more info on these 4 points check here : https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Maxwell#Don't Starve and here : https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Codex_Umbra

So, what's the point of all this? Well, as the title suggests, I'm requesting a mod which would port DST Maxwell (with some additions) to DS. The addtitions:

1. Shadow Hacker
recipe : 2 nightmare fuel, 1 machete, -20% max sanity
flavor : Holds immense grudge against anything sturdy
stats identical to those of a regular shadow worker
this shadow worker will hack anything that, well, can be hacked
for more info check here : https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Machete

2. Shadow Treasure Hunter
recipe : 2 nightmare fuel, 1 ball pein hammer, -20% max sanity
flavor : Holds no respect for the history
stats identical to those of a regular shadow worker
this shadow worker will chisel anything chiselable
for more info check here https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Ball_Pein_Hammer

3. Shadow Trimmer
recipe : 2 nightmare fuel, 1 shears, -20% max sanity
flavor : Holds immeasurable grudge against all things untrimmed
stats identical to those of a regular shadow worker
this shadow worker will trim hedges, tall grass, hanging vines, creeping vines and spear traps
for more info check here : https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Shears

also, the shadow miner's behavior should be altered, so that it would not mine unchiseled statues, and all the shadows should be made immune to damage from traps, so that taking them to the ancient pig ruins wouldn't be a bad idea.

Now about the reward one would get for fulfilling my mod request. Sadly, as of now, I have nothing to offer besides my gratitude, which is a shame, though if things change in the future and I will have something more to offer, I'll let you know.

And that's pretty much it, thanks for reading.

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