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Ghost is invisible

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I'm aware that this is a semi-common issue, but have no idea how to fix it.  When I boot-up the game, a new ghost animation file is generated, even though one exists.  I know some animation files need to be tweeked, then the animation compiler activated, but how these files need to be edited has changed over time.  I'm worried I did it incorrectly, and now it's generating them incorrectly.

I've included the file I edited, where I think I possibly made the wrong edit.


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Figured it out!  This is the guide I started with:  

So in exported/ghost_PlayerName_build, both ghost_esctemplate_build templates weren't renamed to my player's name (which should have been done when I issued a command to change all the file names).  I corrected this, then in anim there's a  ghost_PlayerName_build file, but mine was named ghost_PlayerName for some reason, so I tried again and it worked.  There's also a ghost_esctemplate_build file, but the guide said that would happen until it’s officially published.  PHEW.  Does that make sense?  XD

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