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A suggestion about "teleport"

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First, look at the codes below:

local _x,_y,_z = ConsoleCommandPlayer().Transform:GetWorldPosition(); local size, step, x, z; size = 800; step = 40; x,z = -size,-size; local function tp() if x <= size + step then if z <= size + step then z = z + step else x = x + step; z = -size; end else return true end end; local function dotp() ConsoleCommandPlayer().Physics:Teleport(x,0,z) if not tp() then TheWorld:DoTaskInTime( 0.033, dotp ) else ConsoleCommandPlayer().Physics:Teleport(_x,_y,_z) end end dotp()

And the problem is that it can be run on a client_only_mod......And you may find that the use is to ascertain the whole map.

Then the story started:

Many tricky and skilled guys get into others' new servers intentionally.

Then, they use this mod and get aware of the location of the moon island and the minotaur.

After that, they successfully snatch all the resources there with an unbelievable (or impossible for a normal player) speed, faster than anyone.

And that's just few days, especially for Woodie.

At last, with all the valuable things snatched, they leave calmly and look for the next victim.

And all of these often happen without anyone knowing.

And when the host find this, there's only despair left forever.


After the number of victims increase for several months, the mod is well-known and the codes are public (they are encoded intentionally in a tricky way before).

It has caused days of arguments here, and today the quarrel is still going on.....

Actually, the principle is really simple--just teleport the player everywhere.

However, I think that there's a must to limit a client_only_mod to use functions like teleport.

When all is said and done, it's uncountable owners' tear after the story!

(The story is real, actually on Wegame (a Chinese platform). I feel incapable of action about this, and just write down this suggestion.)

(I know that it may cause some problems about current mod compatibility, but I think that this should be considered.)


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