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5th creature concept

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- bullfaloo

Cousins of the beefaloo, the bullfaloo Are very aggressive but quite blind and would be generally be led by they’re younger kin. When attacked by the player or another creature they will perform a charge attack at what ever direction they were attack from, if they charge into a structure they’re horns will be stuck on to the object and will struggle to get out and eventually they will. Much like they’re cousins the beefaloo they’re fur can be shaved however this will make them twice as aggressive and this time they will be able to see which means they will attack anything in sight.

- Thulecite golem 

a silent stalker that stays in the place watching over the ruins, they’re mission as a whole is to preserve the ruins and will attack anyone who dares trespasses on sacred grounds. If they are killed by a nightmare they won’t collapse in rubble but will be possessed allowing them to destroy creatures and spread madness, when the nightmare phase is over the statue will return back to normal and continue they’re job.

- ancient mask 

this mask might appear as a item that can be equipped on the users face however once worn the player will become the vessel of this dark treasure, the only way to defeat this is not with physical items but with the light. (This idea will be expanded on later concepts)

- spider crab

Spider crabs of course have nests built into the rock debris, instead of a webbing the slows players the webbing is used to slow boats and to even catch fish. Spider crabs will not go beyond they’re webbing however to keep they’re prey from escaping they will try to string the boat with they’re webbing and then proceed to pull it towards them like a grappling hook, a players can cut the webbing to escape from the spider crabs however if they fail they will be force to fight off the crustacean arachnids.


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