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Desynchronize seasons and clock

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https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1396615817 its not working after recent dst patch (outdated)

but i still need, so how can I change it? i trying to code change for working and get some confusing

change to AddComponentPostInit("clock", -> "shard_clock" ?

i wonder what code should I reference clock.lua or shard_clock 


in clock.lua 

local OnClockUpdate = _ismastersim and not _ismastershard and function(src, data)
    for i, v in ipairs(_segs) do
end or nil

or in shard_clock

local OnClockDirty = not _ismastershard and function()
    local data =
        segs = {},
        cycles = _cycles:value(),
        moonphase = _moonphase:value(),
        mooniswaxing = _mooniswaxing:value(),
        phase = _phase:value(),
        totaltimeinphase = _totaltimeinphase:value(),
        remainingtimeinphase = _remainingtimeinphase:value(),
    for i, v in ipairs(_segs) do
        table.insert(data.segs, v:value())
    _world:PushEvent("secondary_clockupdate", data)
end or nil


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