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Night Vision Details

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I've been trying to make a character with night vision when it is night or when inside a cave, with search I found this solution:


But the night vision still keeps the sames colors as on the day, I wanted to it to look like it is full moon. Is there a way to make that?

Also, if possible I wanted to define the radius of vision, just like when you light a torch or a lantern, they grant you different sizes. Is it possible to make my vision radius be the same as when I have a lantern or a torch?

My code so far, the way it is now, it seems that the night vision is always enabled, not sure about that though:

local function UpdateNightVision(inst, phase)
	local enable = phase == "night"
	inst:DoTaskInTime(enable and 0 or 1, function(inst)
		inst.components.playervision:SetCustomCCTable(enable and {} or nil)

local function OnInitNightVision(inst)
	if TheWorld.ismastersim or inst.HUD then
		inst:WatchWorldState("phase", UpdateNightVision)
		UpdateNightVision(inst, TheWorld.state.phase)

local common_postinit = function(inst) 
	-- Minimap icon
	print("common post init called")
	inst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon( "shinobu.tex" )
	inst:DoTaskInTime(0, OnInitNightVision)


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