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Wariel - new DLC character for the ocean

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- is a mermaid

- Has troubles walking on land

- is afraid of fire


Health-  120

Sanity-  175

Hunger- 150


Wariel is a mermaid from constant, she’s a part of a forgotten mermaid race living under the ocean. She is a curious mermaid and has always dreamed to be a part of the human world. When a part of the moon fell down to the constant, her race discovered new powers that helped them to transform in human form. Now Wariel hopes to meet new people and discover the world of constant with her new set of feet.


Wariel comes with a new meter which is the Mermaid meter. Basically when she’s on land the mermaid meter goes up at a fast rate. When it reaches 100, she will turn into a mermaid. I’ll explain more about it as we go on. (it’s like woodie’s old log meter)


 Mermaid Perks:

-Since she is a mermaid, she can swim in the ocean. She can use tools and weapons to interact with the ocean content.

- Wariel can help in maneuvering boats. She can help push the boat in a specific direction but helping in maneuvering the boat can drain her hunger. Basically she can help make the boats move faster or she can help the boats slow down.

-can craft a trident. Crafted with 5 seaweeds, 2 driftwood & 2 gold. The trident deals 50 damage and it can also be used to pierce ocean fish taking about 20% of its durability, catching fish this way will cause the fish to lose 75% health, so it’s nearly dead when you catch the fish this way.


Mermaid cons:

-She has to wear special items to be able to walk on land , these items will lower down her mermaid meter. There are two items for this 1: Sapphire Amulet or 2. Sapphire tiara. Not wearing either of the items will cause her mermaid meter to go up fast forcing her to assume mermaid form on land with 50% speed reduction and sanity drain. She will be forced to crawl!

-Sapphire Amulet comes with her when she spawn. Crafted with 4 sticks, 4 flowers and 3 moonstones. It has infinite durability. This item will help lower down her mermaid meter. Her amulet works like backpack but It can only hold resources, you can’t place food and any item with durability in it.

-Sapphire Tiara -> This one is more of an end game armor. Crafted with 5 seedshell , 4 moon stone and one malbatross beak. Gives 90% damage reduction and works like thulecite crown.


Other things about her:

-Rain will cause her mermaid meter to go up even when wearing the amulet or tiara.

-As long as she’s on the ocean, her mermaid meter will stay up even when she’s wearing her two special items. She can't turn human while on the ocean.

-Any source of fire will cause her sanity to lower at an alarming rate


Other ideas I’d like to add but it would feel like there’s too much going on around her if I add these:

-She can let other characters ride on her back but with a slower swimming speed. Doing this action will cause the two players not able to interact with anything. Basically only used for traveling.

-Seafood diet only (too punishing? Idk let me know)

-Will be forced to turn into a mermaid during full moon (feels repetitive since we already have woodie and Wilba)

-I was thinking of other names like : Warina, Welestine or Waerwyna


I love the new dlc characters but unfortunately klei said that it's not their focus right now. They did say however that they will still see if they will add more. So here's my suggestion for a new DLC character. I based of this character from disney's a little mermaid. Let me know what you guys think. 

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