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New video, what do you think?

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So a certain youtuber who often incites my eyerolls dropped a new video today basically saying tanking dfly is the only way to play against her, and that she is the hardest boss in the game to kite.  Being ever critical of bad information I had to drop a reply.  Not only is she not the hardest boss in the game to kite, but it is kinda foolish to tank so much damage when a little kiting practice makes the fight pretty safe...

Anyway so in response to the adhominem from the person I did this quick recording.  I don't choose to be a content creator because I'm very bad at it, but maybe I could do better.  Are there any freewere programs for video editing?  Is it difficult to learn?  I'm not an artistic person so I don't have much experience with them, but as a developer I feel I could learn quickly.

Do you think we still need content like this for DST?


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