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[ASIA] Looking for Tropical Experience Server!

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hello my 2 of dedicated servers are recruiting-

google cloud dedicated server x 2 


1. Tropical Experience Server 

using Modd-

Myhome, Lesslag , AFK detection , Showme, Tropical Experience , Starting item tuner , Camp Security

Global Positions , Campfire respawn , Wormhole marks

4 shard in 1server world ( dst , cave , hamlet, shipwrected )

opening every day pm6 ~ am 1 (GMT+9)


2. free private base server (almost vanilla)

Setpiece , world regrowth , wormhole Mark , afk detection , Camp Security ,Starting item tuner

Global position , Triple mactusk , showme

free private base server  opening every day pm5 ~ am 1 (GMT+9)


most people is korean , and russian one ppl 

if you use English or korean, you are welcome.

discord https://discord.gg/jq9246y

my steam : https://s.team/p/fwpm-chfp/rkgkdcrp

group : soon

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