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Custom character is invisible upon spawning in

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I've been working on my modded character for awhile, using some character template with a smile so vile. After renaming stuff here and there, when the game crashed I almost started to swear. Upon being birthed the character doesn't show, "Man" I thought, "what a h__! It may be a thing I forgot to rename, or my IQ to be the blame. Please help me, as you can see as I am (virtually) on my knees!


this took way too long, but using a character template for my modded character and after renaming a few files and changing codes, the player is completely invisible when they spawn in.

(alternate title: Custom character drinked minecraft invisible potion)

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In order to make your character have animation you have to set it. player_common.lua that you're using sets it for you but you have to "tell it" what animations to use. So to do that you have to import your animations to your characters prefab file with:

local assets = {
	Asset("ANIM", "anim/your_character.zip")

That .zip file should have the same name as your characters prefab file.

player.common.lua sets characters bank and build like this:

inst.AnimState:SetBank("wilson") -- "wilson" is the default bank used for every character
	inst.AnimState:SetBuild(name) -- "name" is the name of the prefab and characters anim file, they need to be the same


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Sorry to necro an old post, but I believe this one is onto something and really relevant to the issue I'm having. I'm trying to make a mod as well, but I'm also running into this issue. I need to know exactly where the animstate lines go. Anywhere in bill_cipher_none.lua? or...

I've run the game putting it where I thought it'd go and it gave me this error.

And here's my lua too.

04E566A0AAC11081DD00FD2B485C530E4D13A6CD (1280×720)

bill_cipher.lua bill_cipher_none.lua

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