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Help forking mods from the Steam Workshop

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TL;DR at bottom

Hello all, I've recently gotten into modding DST and have hit a little bit of a roadblock today. I downloaded a mod from the Steam Workshop, and after playing with it thought it was a bit overpowered, so I took to Notepad++ and began changing some damage, durability, etc. values around, and since I wanted to play with friends I uploaded my own version to the Workshop.

Changing damage values is all good and fun, but from there I wanted to start adding some items, and through trial and error was able to add a second version of an item into the mod that used the same texture as a different item, but had different stats and materials needed to craft it.

Now that I had this new item, I wanted to give it a unique texture, so I made one and did my best to put it where I thought was appropriate, using TEXtool and TEXcreator where needed, but this is where I hit the roadblock I mentioned earlier. I was able to get the item to show up in my inventory correctly, but when handheld and dropped on the ground it went invisible. After hours of big brain activity in my head I've decided to make a post on here, asking the best way to approach this situation.

From what I can tell from a different post, the problem is part of the animation of the item.

TL;DR: Downloaded a mod from the workshop, script kiddie edited it to death till I got problems, animation issues are blocking me from continuing.

I have no access to the original project files, I was barely able to even get permission to take the original mod and edit it, and based on the grumpy response from the original mod's OP, I really don't know if I'll be talking to him again.

Download my Broken Mod in the download link on the right side


To be clear, I'm trying to fix in the invisible item problems, specifical with hatbrella2 and hatbrella3

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