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WX-78 Charging Idea

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As the characters get their reworks one by one, I'd like to suggest an idea for WX. I don't know if it has been suggested before or if he is even going to get a rework, as there are other characters need more love than him.

I love playing as our lovely robot but almost all of the time, when raining you have means to protect you getting wet, so it is not likely to get charged by a random lightning. Having a Wicker with you to keep you charged is one of WX's dreams. But I'd like to have more reliable option without having to trust her. His charge mechanic is might be overpowered if not balanced but it would be cool to use it more frequently.

The idea might not be original, I tried to search it on the forums but cannot fetch any results. A character specific crafting item like a special lightning rod or a capacitor to add the existing rod for the power to be restored for later use would be pleasant. WX can touch it later and get charged. It can even hold several lightnings. If it is too powerful than the stored power can give more or less charge according to its level stored in the capacitor.

I'd like to use the mechanic more often, please let me know what do you think about the idea. Thank you.

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