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Characters design flaws

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Hello, I will NOT talk about any balancing, buff or nerf in this topic.

Like the title say, this is about the tiny (or more important) flaws hidden behind each character's design. You can call that QoL issues, even if I'm not sure the term will fit every point. There are not a lot, but they are present and can harm the player's experience.


That's hard to have design's flaw on a very basic character for Wilson and I don't see any. Maybe the fact you can't choose what beard skin you want to equip and you have to craft a Sweeper in order to have the skin you want.

BERNIE will not attack if you fake-attack, unlike a regular follower.
Burning items individually instead of burning the exact same amount stacked will multiply the sanity gain.

This one is a little tricky, the problem is the health scaling between its forms being by percentage, making healing food up to twice more effective while eatten in wimpy form. Wolfgang should gain/lose a fixed health per hunger for his mighty/wimpy form, so the healing food have the same and normal effect for all his forms.
Example of the current system : Wolfgang has 150 HP (75% of his HP), he's in his normal form, then he transforms have 225 HP in full hunger mighty form.
Now, if the Wolfgang had eatten a blue cap (+20 HP) in normal form, he'd have had 170 HP (85% of his HP), and 255 HP in mighty form. If he had eatten this blue cap after transforming, he'd have had 245 HP instead of 255. Basically Wolfgang gained +30 HPs from this initial blue cap instead of +20, by eating it while being in regular form instead of mighty form.
To fix this, Wolfgang should gain a fixed health value of 1.25 from 220 to 300 hunger, instead of keeping his health's percentage. I'm not sure about the opposite for the Wimpy form, as it would mean having like 1 health at regular form would kill Wolfgang if he gets Wimpy.

You can't choose your Abigail's flower's skin until you have a Sweeper or craft another flower.

The SYSTEM OVERLOAD's sound effect is too loud, it gets nerve racking over time.


The 0 hunger after leaving a were-form, making you inevitably lose extra health. Should be 1 hunger instead.
Lucy needs her voice to be lowered or something, this is fun when you play him a bit but it gets really annoying over time.

Can't read other player's signs. Too bad for you if you're curious.

/ Probably the issues with puppet's AIs but I don't know how to make it really better.

You can't choose your starting Battle Helm and Battle Spear skins.

Building a spider empire too large will induce huge server's lags and make the zone unplayable. Kind of a shame for a character playing around spiders.

You can sabotage other player's stats by force-feeding them Grim Galette, and even killing them if they're wearing a nightmare amulet.

/ Maybe adjusting the sanity gain/loss when shoving/replanting sapling and such, so you can't just spam it to get all your sanity, it looks pretty illogical and reminds me of the Willow's sanity design flaw as well.


Soul Hop shouldn't be possible off-screen (I'm saying that mostly because of mods for unzooming more than usual, allowing you to see what is normally off-screen).

King of Merms' bonus stats disappearing while entering in the caves. This is probably the most game-breaking design flaw from the whole list, I understand the technical difficulties and why it behaves like that, but it needs to be fixed.
Feeding the King of Merms is not worth it when you can just wait it dies to feed a new merm replacing it, it saves a lot of food.
Wurt loses sanity while wet.

Players (Walters) can steal your Woby.
His voice needs to be lowered while telling a story at the fire pit. This is funny during few times but it just gets nerve racking, the more Walter the worst.
You can't choose your Pinetree Pioneer Hat's skin until you have a Sweeper or craft another one.


This is all I have in mind right now, as you can see some of the design issues can also indirectly affect the balance despite the topic is not about that.

I probably missed some because I didn't play the characters enough, so you can contribute and I might edit to add what I missed.

Thank you for reading !

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