Graft weirdness - Potential bug or download glitch?

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Was playing with the Lightning Rod graft prior to recent update, and noticed a problem when it upgraded; I also have the graft that duplicates up to 2 cards during your first round of Negotiation battles and copied "Super Conductor" which is supposed to redirect all attacks to target argument and apply 5 composure. I had 8 damage going at my Oppressive Plead argument, so I used the copied Superconductor only to have the copy not redirect any argument damage. Yet when I used the "actual" superconductor, it worked just fine. What's going on here?


I should also add the Lightning Rod graft upgraded post-update but had it installed as regular prior to update. Also had my disease cards upgraded to the first purely beneficial form (3rd upgrade). Does either of this matter to this situation?


Thanks all!

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