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Transferable Uncraftables

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Hi Klei!

I have a question for you lads. I have played DST on my PS4 for a while now and I got a new PC so I bought DST on steam. I have a bunch of twich drops and promotional skins that can no longer be aqired so I was wondering if you can make uncraftable item skins such as twich drops and promotional skins (rat torch, crystal sea fishing pole) shared between PS4 and Steam accounts. I really like some of those skins and i don't want to lose them. And its not like you sell those skins so I can't see how harmful this can be. You can use the same linking method as the one that you use for twich. I don't care about craftable skins, I can always buy those.

I really hope that you can look in to this and grant me my wish.

Thank you in advance.

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