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First of all, I want to thank you for this wonderful game which I love like all the other Klei games. I had put it in my Wishlist since it was announced on Steam and bought it as soon as it was available in EA and I must say that it's even better than I thought!

I wanted to know if you have planned additional content in addition to the third character?

When I make the parallel with other Klei games like "Don't Starve" or "Oxygen Not Included", I notice that there was a lot of additional content during the EA and even after. Besides these last two games are still as popular and continue to have additions and I'd really like that to be the case for Griftland as well.

I suppose we won't be entitled to a new character for a long time, but why not new scenarios in which Sal seeks Kashio without working for one of the two factions for instance.
Well this is only an "example" but what I mean is that this game has a lot of potential. I really didn't expect to have such a good game. But I fear that once the 3 scenarios are finished, we don't have a very strong replayability .. well, I say that, but it's not completely true because with each new game, the secondary characters change, and some events too, I didn't have the same game after each death. It's really great as a concept.

As I'm too greedy, when you have such a good game, you always want more ... but I admit that having 3 characters with its own campaign is already great considering the price. Yet, I would not be against paying DLC to have new characters, scenarios, factions, environments, etc ...

It would also be good to have a scenario generator and Steam mods for talented moderators to offer us new characters, maps and more ...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that this game will continue to live for a long time with additional content as frequent as for other Klei games.

In any case, continue like this, you are doing an excellent job!

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