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[IDEA] Small QOL change with seeds

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Hi, i am fairly new to DST, i had beaten the og game back when ROG came out and decided to return to this game. I feel as though i had hit the jackpot because in my first server i was able to make a few new friends that helped carry me through out the entire game these past 2-3 weeks. for the first 700 days i have been a Woodie main and i cant really say that i would change much with him since to me hes a well rounded character, although i do wish that they would add poise to his moose form because it is frustrating seeing a moose get stunlocked to death by spiders. But the main thing i want to see in the game is a more reliable way to farm wild seeds in this game. I have been a Warly main for the last week and it is incredibly daunting just how hard it is to keep fresh ingredients, it takes me somewhere between 1-2 seasons just to farm 20 or so onions and tomatoes in this game by constantly tending to my garden, and when i finally have a fresh batch i have to give half of it to the birds to obtain more seeds.By the time i am done getting enough veggies too much time passes and i miss out on fun stuff my friends are doing. I suggest a endgame type way to farm seeds like for example you could cook stone fruit before mining them to produce wild seeds instead. that way i could mass produce veggies in my mega farm and keep up with warlys picky food habits. I personally dont think its overpowered because warly is the only character that really benefits from a variety of vegetables and if you still think its too much then you should see the infinite pierogiĀ  farm my friends have made in the first month. i like warly but i feel like the only use for him at the moment is to switch him in and out to make buffs and jelly for boss fights, i cant play him long term because its hard to work around his disadvantage without sacrificing too much time.

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