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200 hunger
150 sanity
100 hp
favourite food: Berries/Sweets (whichever fits him better)
chance of survival: grim
(+) "Master of survival" Has all of survival recepies unlocked by default and can craft unique items. recepies:
1. Flint and Steel (1 rock, 1 flint, survival tab): used to light up campfire pile and small objects (grass, spalings etc.) to create a contained fire, 10 durability (since its so easy to craft another one)
2. Campfire pile (5 logs), a bunch of logs placed in a piramid shape (so that the fire is on the tip of the pile) can be ignited with a flint and steel, can be picked up
3. Natural salad (2 grass, 3 twigs, 2 berries) res1tores 20 hunger points, 5 sanity but deals 2 dmg
4. Simple Spear (3 twigs, 1 flint), a sharp stick, deals 20 damage, can be thrown
(+) "Fire expert" all moveable light sources (example torches) burn out slower
(neutral) "self-disciplinary" gains sanity for doing good things (example building pig huts) and loses it for doing bad things (example destroing pig huts)
(-) "Fragile" only 100 base hp and takes 0.25x more damage 
(-) "Childish bravery" more sanity loss from shadows and darkness 
Enters the Constant with:
5 twigs, 5 grass, 2 rocks, a slingshot (can be used to fire rocks (25 dmg), nitre (15 dmg, chills enemies) and flint(50 dmg), infinite durability, uncraftable)
Park Ranger, Soldier, Castaway
Heres my concept for the new character, walter. Feel free to discuss and throw some of your ideas 


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