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Location of firesplash_fx

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KingAlpha    0

Hello again. First of all I want to appologize for my last greedy post about wanting people to give me example about this line of code when I wasn't fully know the coding yet. I've learned my lesson and for the past few days try to learn the basic + learned from other people shared code. My character is slowly in place and playable now. I keep it simple and not touch some complicated coding, and it's for private uses only so all good. For all of you who had made tutorials on this forum. Thank you!

Long story short. I'm now trying to make an impact effect for an attack when hit. I've seen people using this "firesplash_fx" which looks great. However I couldn't find this animation anywhere in the game directory. I'm trying to make the attack ice based so I tried to use the prefab names of deerclop ice attack, or blur deer gem fx to replace that firesplash_fx but it would not work. I also tried to search on the internet but  there's no information about it. So if anyone knows the directory location of this effect, or any alternative name fx of ice base that I could try to use it would be fantastic. 

Thank you very much

Have a great day and keep on modding! 

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Feanara    1

Looks like it's located in Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0001\scripts\fx.lua

I think the deerclops ice spikes are in there as well. Since it's part of the RoG dlc, it won't be able to run that effect in a regular Don't Starve world.

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