Xbox One edition seems neglected

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I've been playing Don't Starve for about five years now, I love the game and always come back to it, but the game seems to be neglected on Xbox One, where I play. There are a few issues that I have experienced that can make the game frustrating.

First, if my controller turns off, dies, or on the rare occasion becomes unsynced with my xbox, I get a warning screen that says: scripts/screens/playerhud.iua:264: variable "subfmt" is not declared LUA ERROR stack traceback: ...and then 4 more lines. This happens every time my controller is off and I have to quit out of the game and restart it

Second, if I day past day 1 in adventure mode, the game crashes. This happens almost every time, but not every time.

The third thing isn't something that I'm really even sure is a bug or what, and if it is, if it's been fixed. Everything I can find on the internet is the way to unlock Wes it find him on level 3 of adventure mode, and only if it isn't Two Worlds. But I only ever get Two Worlds. I've probably made it to level 3 at least two dozen times, but I've never gotten anything other than Two Worlds. From what I can find, that WAS a glitch but it was supposed to be fixed. I've also seen that it has to be done on Save file 1, which most of the time I wasn't on when reaching level 3, but I have been on slot 1 for at least the last half dozen tries.Still Two Worlds every single time. It's highly frustrating that happens, but even more so not knowing if the game is actually working as intended, or what. I have never been able to find clarification on this from the devs. My game is fully updated. I have Giant Edition, and also have the Shipwrecked add on, but I don't actually play with either of those on because I think I've read somewhere that that could be an issue. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I still run into all of these issues and it's been going for years.

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