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Algae Terrarium Water Delivery

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Hello. I strongly suggest that the option to "disable delivery" of water to Algae Terrariums be re-implemented. I know that there was some UI bug where two delivery buttons were displayed, but the feature in-and-of-itself was functioning fine. It was also very useful.

Case in point:

I, like many, want to water my terrariums with a drip system, to reduce dupe task loads. However, I also want to disable/enable my water drip in order to control the oxygen generation. Before, it worked well. Now, if I disable the drip the duplicants will start delivering water. Sure, there are ways around this; I could lock doors with automation to the terrariums when the water drip is also disabled. But that isn't the point.

The point is, it was a good feature and now it is gone, seemingly for superficial reasons.

Please reconsider.

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