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I know it's been quite a while since Mark of The Ninja Remastered was released and this seems a bit late to say something.

Recently, though, Panzer Dragoon Remake received an update for Nintendo Switch which added 60fps mode with resolution loss to the game. While the game suffered with visuals, players were, in the end, happy with having the option and this feature was greatly received.

By reading these forums, it seems the devs almost landed on a 60fps target for switch, but ultimately noticed they would have to redo some serious parts of the engine to achieve so.

I wonder if Mark of the ninja for switch would reach those 60fps in a performance mode with lower resolution. Maybe the engine doesn't allow. Maybe the workload isn't that great. I'm aware this essentially may break the "remastered" subtitle, as it would probably scale it back to 720p, but in small display devices, 720p wouldn't make much of a difference, as the ppi would still be good, and, in the end, it's an option, not a set thing, and having options is always a good thing.


Great game, btw. Loving it so far.

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