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Cave level 2 bug and screen glitch

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Ok this is getting really annoying now and I've seen tons of other people also complain about these 2 specific bugs. First of all let me start with the cave depth 2 bug, once u open the sinkhole and enter it the game will start to freeze which for some means that they will loose the save. This happened to me last night and after 3 HOURS! I managed to fix it just so I can exit out of the cave and save my world from having to restart. The second screen glitch bug seems to happen when you accidentally missclick and item from your inventory off the screen and your inventory closes freezing everything but your move stick which means you either force close the game to lose progress or somehow be lucky and your game saves before dark and u can restart after. Please fix these 2 bugs they are very crucial and make the game almost unplayable.

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Although that bugs are somehow avoidable by

Cave layer 2 game freezing - Save & Quit immediately after entering Ruins/cave 2.

Touch lock - When using item in inventory you need to scroll more than you needed(item must not be in edge of screen). When refuel/repairing, hat/cloth and fuel both should be in your inventory.

but still they are very annoying, game disrupting bugs. they have to be fixed.

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