Negotiation is OVERRATED (Prestige 14, Solo)

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Wound has to be the absolute most broken mechanic in the game.  I played a Discard+Power+Wound deck and was issuing out 0-cost cards that could do 53 damage each by Turn 2.  Stack Wound+Power and literally nothing in the world could stand up to me.  Even Kashio died Turn 2, most bosses never even touched me.  Total game was maybe 40 mins?  


My recommendations:  

  • Have Wound half itself each enemy turn.
  • If the player is steamrolling and the game can detect that, have more encounters in place in-between missions to keep health pools honest. 
  • Reduce/limit number of available Fishcakes per day
  • A thin discard deck with two Seekers nearly breaks the game as you can heal faster than anything can hurt you.  I think my deck had six Rooted Steels that were 0-cost Ambush cards--my deck made them stack damage such that by the first turn I had six 0-cost 53 damage cards.  Maybe have it such that duplicates become much, much more rare (or not available at all) when deck building.  As in, if you have one of the cards in your deck already--duplicates won't populate.  This way strong decks won't just be overuses of the same card.
  • This game is still super fun!
  • Would love to have a negotiation path with Kashio--either a pre-fight talk down like in Rook's campaign, or a extra negotiation resolution if you manage to accept her surrender.  I feel like Sal could get an ending with more closure this way.





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