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i want a mod for me and my friends but i suck at modding. i followed a lot of tutorials but i couldn't find what i wanted.

i want to have a four character mod with starter items and a new crafting station. so if there is someone who can mod and maybe is a bit artistic i  would appreciate it if you would help me i could also make the design myself if needed.


character1: WOOLY, a young goat from this world he has a little friend (a diffrent version of chester/hutch) called bobby. he starts with a "totem" which he can place on the ground to make a "broken ancient totem" a crafting station. he also starts with the rift. has 300 hunger, 50 sanity, 150 health. he gets 50% slower hungry and can get "wooly" every 6 days if wooly he can shave his wool just like a beard to get 1-2 steel wool.


character2: WINNY, a young bunny from this world also has a pet ( just like bobby) but it is a carrot/bunny and the name is lepon. she starts with a stick and 9 manure. has 150 hunger, 100 health, 200 sanity. she transforms in a dark bunny if insane (just like rabbits). she is vegan. gets a boost from eating carrots. gets less cold in winter but gets hot in summer. rabbits don't get afraid of her. her sanity goes down by 10 if she kills something. she also has a 50% less attack damage.

character3: Wordex, an assasin with magic powers. he has an extra tab called the "power tab" at the tab he can craft magic items and powers. he has 100 hunger, 100 sanity, and 300 health. if he attacks a creature from behind he will deal extra 20% damage(if that is possible)  

character4: William, he is a little human baby. who is very hungry, his hunger goes down 50% faster. he doesn't gets insane fast. he has 100 hunger, 250 sanity and 150 health. he has a rattle she can use every 5 minutes which brings her sanity up by 20. her sanity goes down faster if her hunger is under 20.

ANCIENT TOTEM: the ancient totem unlocks the TOTEM tab. at the station you can craft totems with all kind of effects. like the sanity totem (0/80 sanity boost a minute) craft it with: 2X cut stone, 3X steel wool and 40 sanity. hunger totem (will drop a random crockpot dish every 2 minutes)craft it with: 2X steel wool 1X cut stone and a piece of meat. health totem (will heal you every minute with 10 hp)craft it with 3X steel wool 2X cut stone and 60 health. there also is a flute (only useable by wooly) it brings his sanity up by 40 but he can only use it three times)craft it with: 4X gold nugget 1X rope and 5X stick.the world totem, a totem which lets you make houses and terraform the world.(craft it with 5X cut stone 3X rope and 10X gold nuggets).you can also upgrade the ancient totem with cut stone. 0 cut stone = broken totem, 4 cut stone = healed ancient totem (unlocks sanity totem), 6 cut stone = ancient totem (unlocks hunger totem), 10 cut stone and 1 steel wool = ancient totem altar (final unlocks all recipes).

BOBBY: bobby is like a chester but he is a ball if he opens his mouth you can see space in it. he has 12 slots. when examining him you say: are you from the stars? he rolls around following you. he follows the "rift" (an item that looks like a super-nova).

POWER TAB: the power tab is a wordex exclusive tab where he can craft items and powers. he can craft a invisibility cloak which if he wares it he can only be seen by the players but not by mobs until he attacks them.(craft it with 2X nightmare fuel, 1X pig skin). a magic rock (AKA wheelers compass from hamlet). (craft it with 4X cut stone 1X gold nugget 2X rope). speed power: 1X trinket 2X rope. health power: 1X trinket 2X cut stone.

LEPON: is like a ice chester but if something rots it poops it out as manure. it is a simple bunny made out of a carrot.

WORLD TOTEM: place it down to be able to make: the terraformer, it lets you destroy and build pieces of land, and lets you change biomes (craft it with: 5X light bulb, 5X steel wool and 8X gold nuggets). it also let's you make: lantern of the city, lets you make dens(like a slanty shanty from hamlet) and works like the key of the city

LANTERN OF THE CITY: here you can make: roads (2X rock), lanterns: they are a infinite light source, (1X lightbulb 2X gold nugget),dens: they are slanty shanty ( 2X steel wool 4X planks). make the lantern of the city with: (10x steel wool 3X cutstone)

WOOLY (effect): after six days you will get wooly, when shaving drops 2 steel wool. after 10 days you will get WOOly, when shaving drops 6 steel wool. after 13 days you will get WOOLY, when shaving gives 10 steel wool. when WOOLY he looks like a ball of wool.

i want wooly to look like the one in the picture.

thank you for reading this it took me a long time to make

if you can make this i would appreciate it





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