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Fighting hardest version of Crab King

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I love the new boss crab king, finaly interesting water boss. Atm fighting hardest version of Crab King (with 9 opals) does not give you beter loot, its just for flex :)

What if you make him like toadstool / missery toadstool? if you kill harest version it will give something rly, rly good! An End game Item!

Like a blueprint for: 1) beter boat, maybe biger or armored. 2) beter treasure chest, mb with many gems and shells. 3) and my favorite one, item which allows player to control weather!? It will be useful for those who play with wild fires on! :) When its sunny, you can use it and it will start raining for a day or longer.

Item has 5 uses. For Recipe 5x weather pains, 5x red gems and 5x blue gems.

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