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Idea about propane!

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I have an idea about propane. Why not make propane an explosive gas hazard? Klei could make its weight so that it floats just between oxygen on polluted oxygen, and if the gas temperature would ever reach above 40-80°C (flashpoint is a subject of dicussion but percentage chance based on temperature) and is in contact of aforementioned gasses, it would violently explode, releasing huge amounts of heat, damaging tiles, destroying softer tiles and converting both gasses into carbon dioxide.

I also think that cold biomes are currently quite boring. We could add liquid propane geysers into the biomes.to make them a bit more... "exciting". Before you could just dig in (pun intended) with impunity, use them as a heat dump with total abandon, but now, oh man, just a drop of that ofgassing and slipping into a hot, vital area... KABOOM!

As a bonus, turning propane into gas and feeding into the natural gas generator... would present an interesting challenge in gas control, wouldn't it? All that would sepparate prosperity from disaster would be the slightest of miscalculations!

You with me on this?

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