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Simple Salt Geyser Passive Cooling Setup

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Here`s my simple passive-cooling machine. This only requires power to pump the liquid and to manage fertilizer. The chamber is filled with 5kg hydrogen, surrounded by isolated tiles and the pump is made of gold(bc copper/iron/aluminium takes heat damage). The whole build consumes 24g of phosphorite per cycle. It`s fully automatical, but sometimes it needs to be emptied of salt. You can build multiply cooler banks, desalinators and pumps if you need the build to work faster or make the geyser chamber bigger in case you`ve got a powerful geyser. The watter is emitted at fixed 95 degrees Celsius. The whole geyser room is filled with vacuum.

So how does it work? The water starts it's journey at the vacuum chamber, where it can`t heat anything but pump. The pump transfers the water to the cooling bank, where it cools down to 50-30 degrees(depending on the thermal pipe sensor settings, mine is 50, but the water closer to the bottom cools much faster). Once the water is cooled to %, the shutoff opens and the whole grid(rad pipes water) enters the reservoir, where it gets mixed and the temperature gets on the average(for 50 on the sensor the water gets 35). There it desalinates and gets ready to whatever you want it to do. 

Vacuum is needed to prevent water to share heat with gas, so it cools down at the same speed and degree everytime.
You don`t need any insulated pipes
You don`t need any steel
The thermal sensor prevents the room to become too cold when the geyser is inactive, stopping sweeper to feed worts
Autosweeper delivers phosphorite
The thermal sensor is connected to sweeper, the pipe sensor is connected to shutoff
The geyser becomes overpressurised at 500kg on the higher layer
Total amount of hydrogen in 1 chamber is about 180kg.
The pipe sensor setting may be different, depending on what temperature you want your water to be.
Keep in mind that even at the very low rate, it still need fertilizer and works quite slow. It takes about 5-10 cycles to fill a reservoir
It`s better to construct farm tiles with clay. There`s no need in hydroponic tiles.

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