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Don't starve reign of giants/shipwrecked switch- Bugs

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Gloomer's statue didn't drop the old bell.    

I go on day 419 (519 if I count shipwrecked) on day 13 I found the statue a of Gloomer, I mined it, and it did not give me the blueprint of the old bell, I closed the game and reopened it, nothing happened,  I think it is a common bug since I read in other forums two years ago that the same thing happened, now I can only overwhelm tumbleweed as a maniac to get the blueprint and today I have nothing.


Whenever I leave the ruins, the season reverts to spring.

This happens to me many times, if not always, the first time it happened to me was summer, I had read that being in the caves was good to prevent overheating, and incidentally kill the ancestral guardian and get his horn, when entering the second  ruins level freezes my screen before i see the animation of wilson falling, I closed the game and reopened it to fix it, but when i re-enter the floor changes, showing the new nightmare cycle (red), when I got out  after killing the boss, it was raining and the bees had changed, it was spring again, I was not in the ruins for more than 10 days or maybe less, this became normal later, if I enter the ruins, I had better prepare to kill the Goose.

I love dont starve and when I saw that this was going to be available for the switch, I was excited, but I did not take into account that it would come with so many failures, I just hope that someone from Klei read this.

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