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disease idx

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i'm trying a mod to detect disease and filter the input content, like the liquid pipe germ detector.

my problem is when i extract the input-content.diseaseIdx, what value is considered as valid disease?

i reviewed the codes of LiquidConduitDiseaseSensorConfig -> ConduitDiseaseSensor -> ConduitThresholdSensor.ConduitUpdate()

    if (this.activateAboveThreshold)
      if (((double) currentValue <= (double) this.threshold || this.IsSwitchedOn) && ((double) currentValue > (double) this.threshold || !this.IsSwitchedOn))


looks like zero is considered as valid disease data.

anyone know otherwise?


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I believe the valid disease indices are 0 and 1, from WorldGen.

public static List<string> diseaseIds = new List<string>()

Also, Sim.DiseaseCell has byte.MaxValue as invalid, which could be a consideration for mod compatibility:

public static readonly Sim.DiseaseCell Invalid = new Sim.DiseaseCell()
      diseaseIdx = byte.MaxValue,
      elementCount = 0


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