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I need help with Sprites.

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So i  based my character on another mod called Rin Kaenbyou after reading both tutorials for creating custom char (on this forum and one from another site but it's basically the same.
I follow every step, it was fine, until i try to copy the style of Rin mod.
I extract the png file from Rin anim folder, then use those png to draw my own character, then i copy the scml file to use because i think "Well i did not base this on the Extended character so i probably use the same one with the mod i based on"

And the result was not great



Even though everything look the same.697854220_itsthesamebutnot....thumb.jpg.4afd2e186c7f0a680ee3736b98861f04.jpg1957741666_copythisandyeah....thumb.jpg.b991798605c85ed47e86ade6b1e96f29.jpg

And i have been messing around with sprite for a while, trying to make them look kinda good? 3.thumb.jpg.8abe29cd1bc5151fb7ceb29698403764.jpg

but nothing work, she still look wrong, and even lost the side sprites to boot.

At this point, im trying to use the scml file from Extended custom char, but for some reason the spirtes part became huge like with with those above pic and i am re sizing them to look like the template.

Need help from kind souls of the internet.

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So i went around and re evaluate everything: 

There are one thing only that made this all a mess: For some reason the exported png file have size wayyyyy bigger than what it should have been and in turn made everything HUGE , out of proportion and most of all made the game confuse .

Currently redraw/ resize everything to fit in with the Extended char.


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